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The School of Medical Science & Technology

The spectacular advancements in the realm of medical science and technology that our globe has witnessed in the recent decades have been largely possible, primarily due to the amalgamation of medical science and engineering. Considering the challenges presented by medical science today, the country needs a new breed of skilled medical professionals who can work towards the fusion of medical science with technology and can bridge the two disciplines. Realizing the demand, IIT Kharagpur started the School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST) in the year 2001, with the objective to provide a platform of interdisciplinary teaching and research in diverse areas of medical science and technology. The school appeared as the first and the "only" of its kind in the country with a mission to have doctors, scientists and engineers working collectively to provide a platform of interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of medical science and technology who can lead to a better integrated healthcare delivery system in India.

Our vision is to have a medical academic institute with a multi-specialty research centre at its core, with the motto of education and collaboration for biomedical research and development, alongside treatment and healthcare delivery.

School of Medical Science and Technology (SMST), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur offers a 3 years post graduate program - Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) for MBBS graduates. This programme imparts Science and engineering skills to medical professionals and train them for the state-of-the-art medical research in frontier areas of Medical Imaging, Molecular Imaging and Image Analysis, Biomaterials and Implants, Biophysics, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Medical Statistics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Instrumentation, Early Detection of Cancer, Immuno-technology, Clinical Biomarker(s) Discovery and Personalized Medicine, Biosensors & point-of-care diagnostics, Recombinant DNA Technology, regenerative medicine, Biomedical Simulation, Wound research Preventive & Promotive Healthcare system and so on. After the completion of this course the medical professionals become well equipped to fill the void that separates the medical sciences from advanced technology.

Apart from the existing 3 years interdisciplinary Masters Program in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) for medical doctors and MS and PhD programs in Medical Science and Technology, the school has offered an M.Tech program in Medical Imaging and Informatics (2 years) from 2007 to 2016, and from 2017 a new M.Tech. programme in Biomedical Engineering has been introduced.